WHAT IS EnergyH?

The EnergyH Project is about making hydrogen the new energy carrier. We undertake fundamental research into hydrogen storage technologies and support the development of products and infrastructures to assist in the transition to a clean energy future. Our solid-state energy storage materials and systems overcome the primary barrier to utilising hydrogen for clean energy applications.

 Let’s build a clean energy industry together that Australia can be proud of!

Why use Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the most energetic fuel by weight. It is abundant, and when burnt the sole emission is pure water! Hydrogen can be generated by the electrolysis of water (splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen), and this process can be powered by renewable energy sources such as solar, wind or hydro. Our team is developing advanced materials that can store that hydrogen in a safe, compact, and efficient manner, and deliver it when and where it is needed.

More versatile and compact than a battery, hydrogen storage materials can store sufficient, sustainable energy to replace the petrol in our cars, and to power our homes and businesses. It can also be used to compensate for the variability in electricity generated from utility-scale renewables such as solar and wind as a result of varying weather patterns. There are no compressed gases, the materials are shock resistant, and they will not burn even when fully charged. This makes them an ideal energy carrier for domestic or business use, for transportation, and even for export to our trading partners. 

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