The canister of hydrogen storage material supplied with Hy-Cycle is more compact and has a higher energy density than a comparable lithium-ion battery. It can deliver 738 Wh of energy and can be recharged in 30 minutes!

Hydrogen Powered Bicycle

Hy-Cycle is a hydrogen-powered electric bicycle. Our research supports technology that is ready for the market now!

Our team is continuing research into materials that have the potential to make energy storage technology even more efficient, but what we have achieved to date is already being used in market-ready products.

The first version of Hy-Cycle was developed in 2014 to demonstrate that the energy storage materials and systems developed in our lab were ready for commercial applications. Going further, Hy-Cycle 2.0 was launched in 2016 with a whole new power management system that provides better hydrogen utilisation and a lighter bike, providing even further motorised range.

Hy-Cycle Gallery
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