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Hydrogen Powered BBQ

H2Q is a portable, hydrogen-powered BBQ. Catalytic, flameless combustion safely provides clean energy for heating applications. It produces no smoke or harmful gases, and the only emission is pure water!

Many residential and industrial applications require the convenience and efficiency that combustible fuels can provide. H2Q uses patented technology that catalytically combusts hydrogen gas with oxygen from air, without generating a flame. 

With no ignition required, this system can safely deliver heat energy for indoor/outdoor use without nasty combustion by-products (such as carbon dioxide).

By using the same solid-state hydrogen energy storage system as the Hy-Cycle, the H2Q can provide up to 2 hours of cooking time at temperatures of 100-250°C. The system is portable, and because there is no flame or ignition required, it can be used at any time. The catalyst is extremely robust, with a lifetime in excess of 10 years.

The H2Q is the perfect demonstration of the catalytic combustion catalyst developed in our lab which aims to reduce  the production of harmful gases. The technology is not limited to small-scale/residential applications. It can replace LPG/propane/natural gas combustion in industrial processes as well!

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12,000 Pancakes cooked on open day 2017 with hydrogen as the fuel and water the sole emission. A world record!